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Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

In our modern-day and age, there are a wide variety of methods for whitening your teeth. From over-the-counter (OTC) whitening solutions to dentists offering solutions including lights and lasers, there are many whitening options. Regardless of the chosen method, most teeth whitening methods are based on the same chemical, except whitening toothpaste. This particular kind of peroxide is quite effective at whitening teeth, producing reliable results each time.

There are a variety of teeth whitening systems available on the market. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of each system include:

Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips

Advantages: Easy to purchase, eventually whitens your teeth, and are initially cost-effective.

Disadvantages: Due to the nature of OTC whitening products, they are not custom-fit. This means the peroxide has the potential to get on your gums and spread everywhere. Additionally, strips don’t cover the entirety of your teeth, requiring the use of multiple strips each time. The peroxide concentration is also comparatively low compared to professional whitening products, requiring more time to achieve desired results.

Other over-the-counter methods (paint-on, etc.)

Advantages: Easy to purchase, initially provide cost-effective results, and will eventually produce white teeth.

Disadvantages: Due to the lack of trays or strips, the peroxide is not held against the surface of the tooth. You may also be at risk for swallowing more of the peroxide, similar to whitening strips. There also hasn’t been definitive evidence in order to prove overall effectiveness.

Whitening toothpaste does not contain any peroxide, and therefore cannot possess the same “whitening” qualities compared to other products mentioned herein. The reason companies can get away with utilizing the term “whitening” in their marketing is because of small, abrasive particles. These particles can remove slight amounts of surface enamel, ultimately leading to tooth sensitivity. For this reason, it is not suggested to utilize any toothpaste advertising whitening capabilities, especially if they don’t display the ADA seal of approval for whitening.

Another “whitening” product, lacking the ADA seal of approval for teeth whitening. These whitening mouthwashes have yet to prove their effectiveness in whitening teeth whitening.

Advantages: Custom trays are the most recommended method throughout dental offices for whitening teeth at home. Said trays are custom-molded to your teeth by utilizing soft plastic. You add teeth whitening gel in the comfort of your home, using a variety of peroxide strengths. Additionally, this enables you to have more control over the length of time the tray remains in place, as well as the number of times it’s worn. These have been proven to be a safe, effective tooth whitening method.

Disadvantages: Custom trays require a few days to be fabricated just for you. Additionally, if you use a peroxide product that’s too strong, it may lead to tooth sensitivity. However, should this happen, tooth sensitivity is easily treated, as well.

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