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When it comes to filling a cavity, a couple of different materials can be used. One of the most commonly used materials is tooth-colored composite fillings. These come in a variety of shades to match the color of the surrounding teeth. Research suggests that this type of filling can last the same amount of time as other fillings (may or may not last as long as older types of fillings, though).

The Difference Between Composite and Amalgam (silver) Fillings

Composite fillings cost a bit more than silver fillings because they require a skilled dentist to place them. They are more expensive because you don’t lose as much tooth structure as silver fillings, and they look more natural.

Both types seal the tooth and last about the same amount of time. Silver fillings don’t seal as well at first but spread out and harden, creating a better seal as time goes on. Both types may cause tooth sensitivity after filling, which may last a few days to a few months.

  • Restore chipped teeth
  • To seal the gap between teeth
  • To build up worn teeth to match
  • Patients wanting to avoid mercury fillings (silver fillings are 50^ mercury)
  • Filling a cavity in a back tooth (not being visible when the mouth is open)
  • Filling a cavity in a front tooth (being invisible when you smile or talk)
  • Smoothing the surface of a front tooth, so it is whiter and more visually appealing

Composite fillings are not usually as deep as silver fillings and can be placed in one appointment. The dentist will give you medication to numb your mouth, so he/she can remove the infected or decayed tooth structure. The tooth is then filled with the composite material (dental filling). Composite fillings harden pretty quickly, so you can eat or drink soon after the appointment.

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